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Upper Esk Projects has emerged from the early collaboration of two small-school headteachers who wrote musicals for their schools to perform.These musicals have since been performed successfully by other local schools and now they have fulfilled their dream to publish them for a wider public.


Upper Esk Projects is run by Dave Chapman who comes from a solid folk background starting in the folk clubs around Sheffield and Chesterfield. In mid-career he sang and recorded with Midsummer Level a folk trio based in Chepstow and at the same time with a Country trio in the Forest of Dean, which he has kept quiet about until now. Throughout his teaching career in both England and Canada his great delight was the numerous musical productions and collaborations he was involved in.

Although retired from teaching he is still involved in music having played bass and mandolin for many years with Widdershins Ceilidh Band. He has also played jazz bass with The Downe and Outs Jazz Band and the Sid Mould Sextet. Dave has taught both guitar and mandolin throughout his career and is an amateur maker and mender of stringed instruments.

A Bedtime Story

Once upon a time two young headteachers John Thorp and Dave Chapman, were faced with the age old problem - "What Shall We Do For Christmas This Year ?"- Their schools were small and their energy levels high so over a three year period they produced their own shows and, because their schools were small, they combined the schools for the shows doubling the benefits for the children. Then other schools - equally desperate for something different to do - put the shows on.

Then the two headteachers moved on and got old(er), they reflected on all the fun and swore (frequently) that you and your children should not miss out, so now they are sweating buckets to get these shows to you knowing that you will love them as they did.

The themes are varied - legend, historic tale, contemporary issues - The music original (apart from a jig) - The humour is questionable but it makes us laugh. Go to School Musicals


Piano & Keyboard
If you are looking for new piano pieces search Eurythmy and Fairy Tales as these also contain a good selection of music for piano.

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